International Careers

Visa Sponsorship for French Interns & Trainees

The French-American Chamber of Commerce has helped prepare thousands of international young professionals and students for a future in the global economy through our International Career Development Programs. We first opened our doors to exchange programs 45 years ago under the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (the Fulbright-Hays Act), bringing young French professionals to train in American subsidiaries of French companies under the J-1 Exchange Visitor Intern/Trainee programs.

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VIEs Sponsorship

The FACC further supports cultural exchange and international career advancement through a long-standing partnership with Business France, providing J-1 visas to eligible European citizens to participate in internship and training programs as French Volunteers for International Experiences (VIEs). Our U.S.-based sponsored training program has benefited more than 66,000 young French men and women since 1983.

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Visa Sponsorship Services for Americans in France

In the spirit of reciprocity and international understanding, the FACC American Outbound program provides visa sponsorship services for qualified young Americans aspiring to work in France and companies interested in hosting them for up to 18 months.

Since 1992, the FACC’s International Career Development Programs (ICDP) has partnered with French government agencies, the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII) as well as the French Regional Labor Bureaus (DIRECCTE), to expedite candidates’ visas and work authorizations.

Through the assistance of our ICDP department, candidates who have secured a job offer in France may obtain a work visa for a 18 month “CDD” that allows them to train in France.

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Job Boards for Exchange Visitors and U.S. Work-Authorized Job Seekers

As a service to both our member companies and professionals in each region, FACC Chapters regularly feature job and internship opportunities and the profiles of highly-qualified job and internship seekers. The functions sought range from sale and marketing, to business development, finance, supply chain and more in a broad variety of sectors including retail and luxury goods, food and beverage, automobile, industry, technology, pharmaceuticals/biosciences, financial services, logistics and many others. Visit your local Chapter’s website to learn more about the recruitment services it offers.

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Cultural Exchange and Citizen Diplomacy

We believe that international goodwill begins at an individual level, resonating upwards through various levels of government and private partnerships to create strong economic ties between France and the United States.

Competitive Advantage

Distinguish your CV by taking an active role in large-scale projects and operations, proving your ability to adapt, strategize, problem solve and communicate effectively.


Perfect your second language and build upon your academic level with mastery of a specific business vocabulary and understanding of cultural references.


Gain valuable experience in your field and position. Better understand the challenges and opportunities of each, on a local and global scale.


Meet colleagues with diverse perspectives and professionals from the business community in your city of residency. Engage with top thought leaders during roundtable discussions, social networking events and more.