About the FACC

The French-American Chambers of Commerce (FACC) Chapters are private, non-governmental, non-profit organizations that are independently financed through member dues, business services, their events and other programs. Nineteen local chapters provide regional expertise and support to both local firms and French companies entering the U.S. market, contributing to a national federation which is a keystone organization for French and American professionals and companies.


The mission of the French-American Chambers in the United States is to promote mutual understanding, economic, commercial and financial relations between France and the United States and support the implantation and the development of French Enterprises in the United States.


Thanks to our acute understanding of local economies, the needs of French enterprises and entrepreneurs, our bi-national teams are a precious resource for companies establishing and growing their businesses in the United States. The diversity of American cities, business culture and the size of the territory, require a strong local advocate with established ties and a comprehensive understanding of the local landscape, its challenges and opportunities.


The FACC unites some of the world’s most recognizable global businesses with the next generation of thought leadership. We are a mosaic that combines youth with experience and creates an open culture of inclusiveness to become even greater through the contributions of all.

Key Figures




Members Nationwide




A rich, mutually beneficial history of FDI and job creation across key sectors

$ 139,000,000 in trade volume

In 2018, France was the 4th export destination and the 3rd trade partner for the U.S. among European Countries, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, French Customs and the French Treasury in the U.S.


Trade Goods

From 2016-2017 alone, trade of goods and services between France and the United States increased 16%.



Fifty-one percent of French FDI to the U.S. is in the manufacturing sector, resulting in the creation of 213,300 direct jobs.


Digital Sector

Ninety-two percent of American Investors consider France an attractive destination In the digital sector.

Cultural, Scientific and Technical Cooperation

In addition to long standing diplomatic and economic relations, French-American cooperation in scientific, academic and cultural matters is also thriving, specifically in the fields of student exchanges, scientific cooperation and bilingualism. The FACC and our members are proud to support cooperation and mutual understanding between our two cultures.


Number of Scientific US/FR Co-Publications in 2016


American Students Studying in France Annually


US Students in French Immersion Programs

Key Growth Opportunities for French Companies


Developing precision and performance grade parts for the automotive, aviation and healthcare sectors, our network includes some of the most advanced and innovative companies.


From purveyors of fine French gastronomic delicacies to importers, distributors and restaurants, the agri-food sector is prominently represented in FACC membership.

Luxury & Cosmetics

French heritage brands, respected American designers and globally recognized beauty and wellness companies envigorate dialogue in this sector and convene to exchange about the future of their industries.


Mergers & acquisitions, accounting, international trade experts, hedge fund management, venture capitalists and sustainable finance are just a few areas of expertise our members bring to their local economies.

Technology & Startups

Our members are pioneering solutions in data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, connected objects, IT, telecommunications and beyond.


This sector includes providers of medical devices and products to hospitals, nursing homes and home health providers, consultancy firms, R&D firms, consultancies and recognized leaders in pathology, vaccines and clinical trials.


Lawyers, marketing professionals, talent recruitment specialists, real estate agents and insurance and tax experts all provide invaluable counsel to our expat community, helping to navigate the complexities of business and life abroad thanks to their comprehensive knowledge of both French and American regulations and business practices.

Logistics & Transportation

Whether by land, sea or air, members of our network represent tier-one companies with integrated networks for the distribution of consumer goods and the international mobility of individuals and companies.

Types of Membership


Individual members are driven and passionate, committed to furthering their careers and sharing their knowledge and know-how with the French-American Community. From business executives to active professionals and aspiring leaders, individuals are a core part of our organization, dedicating their time and expertise to the advancement of the common goals of our community.


From Fortune 500 to CAC 40, small and medium-sized enterprises and startups, corporate membership allows for more individuals in your organization to benefit from the FACC’s services, expertise and network. Corporate members enjoy added visibility with their respective Chapters, VIP invitations, sponsorship opportunities and more.

Each FACC Chapter has its own membership levels designed to suit the specific needs of its local constituents. Please contact the Chapter nearest you for details.